b. 1986, HK.



Jiyeon (Gie) is a Web x Graphic Designer from Seoul, South Korea who currently resides in London, UK. Graduated from University of the Arts London with a degree in Graphic & Media Design after studying Communication Design at the University of Suwon in South Korea.

Gie is a Junior Web Designer at 'Redwire Design.’ She is a multidisciplinary concept driven designer with a particular interest in Branding, Photography, Editorial Design, App and Website Design. She is hardworking, with great attention to detail, striving for simplicity and clarity, and passionate about using Social Design as a tool to implement positive changes in the number of possible fields.

During her undergraduate, she designed and published a mobile application for the homeless people, called ‘London Homeless Footpath’ with a particular interest in the social role of Graphic Design.